AZDEN UHF Transmitter In Stock Now

  • This Azden microphone is studio-grade, high-performance, and a good companion for discriminating professionals who want to record a variety of sounds. The Azden 10BT is a great solution for sound recording, public address, and more. As this Azden microphone features an omnidirectional polar pattern, you can pick up your subjects equally well from all directions. This condenser microphone is well-suited for a wide range of audio tasks, allowing you to use it for speeches, sermons, and ceremonies. With the excellent 50 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response featured on the Azden 10BT, you can easily catch deep bass notes and sharp treble tones. This Azden microphone is lightweight, which means you are able to quickly take it as part of your kit to live performances or rehearsals. With a -22 dBm effective output level, this condenser microphone is very sensitive, allowing you to pick up all kinds of loud or quiet subjects. Plus, the Azden 10BT is wireless, so you can enjoy the benefits of freedom of movement.